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Turtles Hatching At Playa Ostional
Hundreds Of Thousands Layed Their Eggs In July, Aug. & Sept
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Turtles Arrive At Playa Ostional

The massive "arribadas" (arivals) of Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) sea turtles happened this rainy season at the Playa Ostenial Wildlife Refuge in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste as they have done for hundreds of years.
Although these turtles come ashore all year around at this beach to lay their eggs, it is during the rainy season when they do it in large numbers; for instance, the latter part of August, the arribada was close to one million females, which lay an average 100 eggs each. The baby turtles will hatch in 45 - 55 days immediately heading to the sea in search of algae, branches or other things to feed. By the time they reach maturity, they will come back to their place of birth.

This beach, made famous by Dr. Douglas Robinson, is located at the village of Ostional north of Punta Guiones close to Playa Nosara. Access is via Nicoya to Nosara and from Santa Cruz. The final stretches are advisably accessible via four-wheel drive vehicles in the rainy season.
According to biologist Rodrigo Morera, who works with the Ostional Development Association (ADIO), the massive arrival in August was similar to those of previous years, although October will most likely see the largest arriibadas of the season.

This 1km long beach is located in Santa Rosa National Park. Olive Ridley and other turtles that nest here are totally protected. After Ostional this is the second most important nesting beach in the world.

The occurence of the arribada is directly related to the lunar cycle, normally starting with the last quarter of the moon but may occur with the first quarter. It is impossible to predict the exact time or possibility of an arribada but the best months are between May and December. Access to Nancite is through the park via Playa Naranjo and is possible only on foot.

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Although these turtles come ashore all year around at this beach to lay their eggs, it is during the rainy season when they do it in large numbers
An Olive Ridley turtle heads back to sea after laying about 100 eggs.
An Olive Ridlet Tuirtle laying eggs on Ostional Beach. After she finishes laying she will cover up the eggs, turn around, and head back to sea for another year.
When the baby turtles hatch out they must dig out of the hole where the eggs are.
Baby Olive Ridley turtles heading to sea immediately after hatching. Only one in hundreds will survive to return.

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