National Geographic has described Isla del Caño, Drake Bay & Corcovado National Park as “the most biologically intense area on Earth”.

Humpback Wale with calf at Isla del Cano Costa ricaThe scuba diving and snorkeling is at Isla del Caño Biological Reserve situated 20 km offshore from Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula – is an important island for Costa Rica, both archeologically and environmentally. The waters surrounding this biological reserve are swarming with marine creatures, while the island itself protects several artifacts that date back to pre-Columbian times.

Scientists theorize that this 741-acre (300-hectare) island was formed over 50 million years ago during a shift in the Earth’s tectonic plates. Since then, it has seen a good deal of activity. A series of hand-carved, perfectly spherical stones are found on the island, suggested by archeologists to be the grave markers of an indigenous tribe that lived here during pre-Columbian times. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries Isla del Caño was used as a refuge for pirates along the Pacific coast, while today, it is best known for its spectacular offshore diving and unique historical past.

Turquoise water rings Isla del Caño, as do a great number of coral reefs. In fact, the waters that surrounded the island contain the largest amount of coral-building organisms along the Pacific side of Costa Rica—there is brain coral, head coral and sea fans, to name just a few. Add to this excellent visibility and an enormous amount of marine species, and you’ve got the makings for magnificent snorkeling and scuba diving. Beneath the water you may be able to spot manta rays, tuna, needlefish, barracuda, snapper, white-tipped reef sharks, olive ridley sea turtles, moray eels, dolphins, and both humpback and pilot whales. Considering all of this, it’s not surprising that many people regard Isla del Caño as the best scuba diving spot in the entire country. However, because it is a biological reserve, diving numbers are strictly regulated – there are only 5 dive sites that we are allowed to dive.

Scuba Diving In Isla Del Cano Costa RicaExperience Costa Rica’s finest Pacific coastal diving in the clear, cobalt blue waters surrounding Caño Island Biological Reserve. You’ll discover an Eden of brilliantly colored coral and rock formations housing vibrantly colored schools of tropical fish. Our PADI dive instructors and dive masters take beginners, intermediate, and advanced divers aboard our 30-foot Island Hopper on a voyage of spectacular ocean adventures. With year-round visibility of 30 –100 feet, and its plethora of exotic sea life, Caño Island is an underwater photographer’s dream. We supply all equipment; so you can avoid gear-related airline extra-weight charges. Sherwood regulators, Scuba Pro BCD, and O’Neil and Henderson wet suits are included in the price. If you choose to bring some equipment we suggest your mask and regulator.

Includes: Two dives with professional bilingual PADI dive instructor/dive master, dive boat with crew, all park and diving fees, all professional dive gear, 2 tank dives, and a picnic lunch either at the beach or back at the hotel jungle garden with the crew.

  • Departure Time/Place: 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m., Águila de Osa dock
  • Duration: 7-8 hours
  • Ages: 10+
  • Activity level: Moderate; Challenging when current is strong or visibility is low
  • Recommend: Regulator and mask (if desired, but is included), sunscreen, camera
  • Cost: $130 per person
  • Note: junior divers 10 to 15 years of age can only dive to 40 feet. A charge for an extra dive master may be required.

Current Dive Package For Isla Del Cano: LEARN MORE


El Bajo del Diablo: (The Devil’s Rock):

Dolphin jump near the boat at Isla Del Cano Costa RicaOur main attraction! Lie’s two kilometers from the island where there are big underwater pinnacles depth’s of 130’ reaching within 20’ of the surface with large rock formations, canyons and valleys. This location alone is worth diving 5 times without visiting the same spot. Manta’s with wing spans of 15 to 20 feet and the allusive Whale shark (not often) schools of hundreds of horse-eye Jacks, barracudas, Jack Crevalle, Cubera snappers over 75 lbs., white tip sharks, Mobula rays and the occasional bull shark or nurse shark. Tropical fish like puffer, King angel, damsels, boxfish, Moorish Idols and five species eels the list goes on and on. Just coming to Cano Island to dive only this site is worth it! Great, great dive!!

Cueva del Tiburon: (Shark Cave):

½ a kilometer from the Islands ranger station and depth of max. 60’ this site consist of lots of volcanic rock with pinnacles formations that in compass the area. One of the pinnacles has developed into cave is now home to a small school of white tip sharks. We can usually find 5 or 6 sleeping in the cave, we will not enter do to park regulations, but the cave is small and from the opening we can get a good look inside. While moving around the rock formations where very likely to see a lot of smaller tropical fish such as puffers, damsels, Moorish idols, boxfish, goatfish. There’s a good chance to catch a glance at turtles, mobula rays and Stingrays. The visibility can be anywhere between 15 to 75 feet and when there’s 30’ or more which is most of the time there can be a awesome color show from the sun reflecting off the different colors of hard coral. Good easy dive

El Arco: (The Arch):

Has similar marine life “Shark Cave” except that when you cross under this arch waiting on the other side schools of grunts are there to swim through. Also if you have a good eye you might encounter flounder or frogfish. There’s lobster to but don’t touch. Good easy dive.

El Barco: (The Shipwreck):

Manta Ray in Costa Rica's Isla del Cano South Pacific Costa RicaYou won’t see a shipwreck here 20 years ago a sailboat broke anchor washed up on the beach and eventually wash back to where the Barco dive site is today. After two years there it just disappeared but the name still remains. Here is the best spot to see the white tip sharks there’s always some here I’ve seen as many 15 around the rock formations. What is special here is it’s a cleaning station for the Southern Stingray with a wing span of up to six feet. Here another chance to see Olive Ridley or hawksbill Turtles and Mobula rays. This is another good easy dive but has a little current visibility ranges 15’ to 70’ with an average 35’to 45’.

The Coral Gardens:

A shallow dive 15 to 40 feet, there’s spectacular array of hard coral, brilliant in colors. Being close to the Barco when visibility is really good I tend to spend less time in Barco and drift over to the coral gardens getting longer bottom time. Here you’ll see Gobies, Blenny’s, Wrasss’s, Butterfly fish, Parrotfish, damselfish, Porcupine fish, Octopus and turtles at times. Visibility 15 to 80 feet depends on sea’s can be very impressive and an easy dive.

Paraiso: (Paradise):

White tip sharks at Cano Island Costa RicaThe name speaks for itself! Traveling to the Caño Island Paraiso dive site lies 2 miles before reaching Caño Island. It’s a lava formation that stretch’s for about a mile or so and is between 60 to 110 deep 100 meters wide and on each side of the ledge falls off 40 to 70 feet deep. At one end of the ledge there’s a volcanic pinnacle that reaches within 55 feet to the surface. The pinnacle is the main part of the dive site “stuffed” with big schools of blue and gold snapper if you swim slowly you can enter these schools it’s quite an amazing feeling. Theirs also schools of barber fish, The big fish that you see are Amberjacks, Dog Tooth Snapper and Barracudas, schools of Horse-eye Jacks. Amberjacks like divers I believe there attracted to the bubbles your able to see them up close within 2 feet. The best place to see white tip sharks at times schools of over 20 and nurse sharks. Tropical fish include, Parrot fish, Triggers eels, puffers and occasionally Mobula Rays. This dive has current, thermals and depending on seas the visibility can be 15 feet but on good calm, clear days can reach to 100 feet.

Coastal Diving:

Marenco Rock:

The closest rock to the lodge. Black corals, snappers, grunts, lobsters and other species. The rock starts at 50 feet and bottom is 60 feet , visibility is 15 ft on good days can reach up to 50 ft . A lot of plankton inhabits the area with attracts large schools of fish.

20 Minutes:

It’s Called 20 Minutes because that’s how long it takes to get there. 40 ft max. depth Lobsters, whites tips and several types of tropical fish. Sea fan and other species of corals can be found here. Visibility 15ft to 50ft depending on seas and current.


Schooling fish on every dive site in Costa RicaLocated near Corcovado National Park, a set of pinnacles filled with schools of Horse-eye jacks, barracudas, grunts, snappers to 60lbs, at times school of Rooster fish come to meet the divers. There’s beautiful colored fan’s max. depth is 40ft. Again with current and sea swells this cannot be dived. Visibility when you can dive is 40ft.

We are continuously searching for new dive sites and if we find one on the way to a known site we stop and check it out as we might find something magical! Current Dive Package For Isla Del Cano: LEARN MORE

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Sublimely beautiful Costa Rica has something for everyone. The treats range from exciting adventure to leisurely relaxation, and everything in between that we can add to your diving package. Furthermore, tourists can sample the laid-back national lifestyle that ticos (the name the Costa Ricans call themselves) refer to as ‘Pura Vida’ – ‘pure life’: no stress, no hassle. All this, combined with unsurpassed natural beauty and a developed and accommodating tourist industry, makes Costa Rica a wonderful place to visit and vacation.

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