We are your team! - Bill Beard Costa Rica

We are your team!

We are your team!

We are a dive travel company, but that is just our day job. We are also designers, thinkers, divers, bikers, rafters, campers, chefs, travelers, parents, hikers, do-it-yourselfers, comedians, yogis, gardeners and ALL passionate about Costa Rica. With all of this under our umbrella we bring a lot of awesome, innovative and meaningful travel experiences and perspectives to the table. We have a lot of Costa Rica to share with guests and Bill Beards Costa Rica is the platform for making that happen.

What makes the difference when you travel with Bill Beard Costa Rica?

Sometimes you want a local at the end of the line

We KNOW diving! And we KNOW Costa Rica. Bill Beard’s Costa Rica is the known authority on scuba diving in Costa Rica. Bill Beard had the vision to bring diving to Costa Rica, but our company continues to foster the growth of the dive industry in the country and set the bar for service by dive operators. Take advantage of the expertise that can only come as a result of our more than 40 years of experience diving in Costa Rica.

Competitive Rates

Bill Beard Costa Rica is interconnected with Costa Rica’s most important providers to offer our customers the most competitive rates without the expense of quality.

Reliable Information

Your customer’s vacation time is really important to them, to you and to us. An effective way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors is to be the place our customers can go to get complete and reliable information about traveling in Costa Rica. Having trained salespeople with in-depth product knowledge serve our clients’ needs. Bill Beards Costa Rica’s agents, drivers and guides treat all customers as we would want to be treated and act ethically as an extension of your business.

Commit wholeheartedly

The only way to succeed in keeping customers is to dedicate the time and effort toward a strategy that always puts the customer first. Whether you are contacting us by phone or email, or if we are assisting customers while they are in Costa Rica, our agents will do everything possible to provide prompt, courteous and accurate responses.

Peace of Mind

When Bill Beards Costa Rica puts our stamp on a dive vacation package, we are giving it our stamp of approval so your customers can relax and enjoy their vacation. Whether we are offering you a land-based resort or live-aboard dive trip, you can be sure that our agents have the personal, hands-on experience to answer your questions and ensure your enjoyment, safety and service.


Our travelers arrive worry free with 24/7 support from our local in-country expert team who make sure everything goes smoothly along the way. Guests always have access to our agents no matter what time of day it is. If anything pops up along the way, we are here to help.


There is no better reward than a happy customer. Our team is pretty proud of our 5-star rating. Our process of customer satisfaction begins well before a purchase is made. Sales team members listen attentively to customers and find out what their needs are. When we fully understand a customer’s needs, we are able to recommend the trip that best meets these needs. Satisfied customers are those who, after making the purchase, are convinced that they chose that particular product or service, not one that a salesperson forced it on them. We don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole!