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Just 94 Ticos Per Square Kilometer Of Land But Thousands Of Fish On One Rock Pinnacle, It’s Crowded In The Pacific. Say what you wish about the scuba diving in Costa Rica but please remember to say there are thousands and thousands of fish on every dive site.Schooling jackas at Catalina Islands, Costa Rica Costa Rica has 1031 species of fresh and salt water fish in her waters. Multiply that by thousands and you have billions just waiting for you to see and enjoy. Be sure to keep an eye on your buddy though as the schools will close behind you as you swim through.

From diving with hundreds of Hammerhead Sharks at Cocos Island to the Bull Sharks of the Bat Islands, Costa Rica is heaven for pelagic fish lovers.

Catalina Islands

The area’s shark cave and the canyon are favorite dives among visitors, but you’ll also find interesting arches and vibrant coral growth on volcanic formations. This is the place for thousands of cow Bull Shark At Bat Islands Costa Ricanose rays, hundreds of mobula rays and giant Pacific manta rays schooling from November through March. See the video here

Bull Sharks at Bat Islands Bat Island regularly attracts large groups of Bull Sharks creating an adrenaline filled dive. There are also manta rays, large schools of fish, an occasional sail fish passing by, whale sharks and humpback whales. The Big Scare & Black Rock are the premier dive sites of this area. See the video here

Hammerheads at Cocos IslandRemote Cocos Island is renowned for its Hammerhead Shark diving. Adventurous divers sail to this Pacific Ocean rock for the dive trip of a lifetime. Bill Beard’s offers pre & post Cocos Islands mainland adventures and diving throughout the country

Marine Mammals at Caño IslandSchoolomh fish in Costa Rica Pacific
The pinnacles surrounding this island attract a number of larger marine species, including Manta Rays, Dolphins, Orcas, Humpbacks and Pilot Whales. There is also the typical diving of Costa Rica with schooling fish, white tip sharks, eagle rays and much more. If you are diving here be sure to allow one or two days to visit Corcovado National Park.Costa Rica literally translates to “Rich Coast,” an apt name for a country surrounded by oceans.

On the Pacific side, offshore islands defined by their underwater pinnacles such as Cocos Island. This destinations is reached only by live aboard.
The Bat Islands offer up exciting bull shark encounters and often boast heavy currents, making them more suitable for advanced divers. See the video hereThe Pacific coastline is also known for pelagic life. From Humpback Whales to Manta Rays, this coast is suitable to all diving levels with some calm areas and some known to have a bit of current. The underwater landscape is made up of volcanic rock formations and pinnacles.

When to go
Diving seasons in Costa Rica can be split into rainy season (May to November) and dry season (December to April). Each holds its own unique advantage. May to NovemberMay to November is considered rainy season. Visitors can expect one to two hours of rainfall most mid-afternoons during these months. The good news is that it generally stops before dinner time, the seas are warmer, flat calm and there is little or no wind

The rainy season is the best time to go if you like pelagic action. During these months, nutrient swells attract Bull Sharks to the Bat Islands and Hammerhead Sharks to Cocos Island.As an added benefit, fewer tourists arrive during rainy season, making this vacation package even more attractive. December to April December to April is dry season in Costa Rica. During these months, very little rain falls throughout the Pacific coast. However the water is cooler, there is more wind and the seas are rougher.

The dry season is the best time to visit Costa Rica if you want to dive with the giant Pacific manta rays at Catalina Islands, see and hear the humpback whales, pilot whales and Orcas.

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