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2018 Could Be Your Year!! When you hear about all the wonders Costa Rica has to offer, one of the aspects that always comes up is the wonderful weather the country has; this is the reason many choose it as a vacation escape, especially those that live in areas of very cold winters. Bill Beard’s will customize your vacation package with as many or as few activities that you may wish. We will set up the itinerary so you will get the vacation you want at the budget you need.

But what is so wonderful about the weather in Costa Rica?

Beach Life In Costa Rica Is OutstandingCosta Rica has only two seasons, dry and rainy, during the months of December and through the end of April the sun is king, beautiful days begin with the sunrise right before 6 a.m. and you can enjoy the warm weather throughout the day until sunset, close to 6 p.m. every day. As May arrives the first rains make an appearance, during this time a year you can usually count on sunny mornings and rainy afternoons, October is the month with most rainfall; March and May are the hottest months while December and January have fresh temperatures, particularly at night.
However, what makes Costa Rica really stand out from other tropical countries, is its micro-climates, this very small, 19,730 square mile territory, has 12 different and defined climate zones, this characteristic is what makes the country home to such diverse wildlife and impressive nature.




Rainy season is wonderful in Costa RicaCOSTA RICA RAINY SEASON: MAY – NOVEMBER

The rainy season in Costa Rica lasts from early May until about mid November, with rainfall at its heaviest in September and October, with the exception of July, this is considered to be low season.

Contrary to what you might think, this can actually be a very beautiful time of year to visit.

Travel Impacts & Considerations

Rain will hold you back from very little in Costa Rica, except for perhaps travel into the most remote areas of the country where dirt roads pose a problem.

During the wet season, you can expect that the sun will be shining in the morning, but will be followed by some clouds and showers in the afternoon. It’s a rinse, wash, repeat kind of thing.

You’ll absolutely have an amazing trip during the rainy season – you just have to be okay with (no surprise) rain! If you’re the adventurous type that’s willing to get out and explore despite the dampness, then worry not, because this is the best time to visit Costa Rica for you.

During Costa Rica’s rainy season, you’ll enjoy:

  • Lush greenery that is at its prime; there’s no other time of year to experience the beauty and serenity of Costa Rica
  • More alone time; i.e., there will be far fewer tourists than usual and you won’t need to worry about capturing unwanted strangers in your trip photographs!
  • A reduced rate – travel packages and tours can typically be purchased at a fraction of the price as this is not what’s considered to be Costa Rica’s peak season

Iy's always pool time in Costa RicaCOSTA RICA DRY SEASON: NOVEMBER – APRIL

The dry season in Costa Rica – often referred to as the country’s high season – lasts from late November to early April. If you’re worried about the rain impacting the activities and sights you’ve chosen to explore, you likely want to aim for your visit to fall between these months.

Travel Impacts & Considerations

During the dry season, you’ll enjoy:

  • Full access to the country of Costa Rica, including remote areas like the Nicoya Peninsula, if desired
  • Dry, warm weather for outdoor activities like rappelling, hiking, ziplining, kayaking and more (if you’re into these activities, check out our Costa Rica vacation packages!)
  • The hustle and bustle of many other travelers doing the same thing you are: exploring the beautiful and bountiful Costa Rica
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    Bill Beard’s Costa Rica has privately escorted tours and first class accommodations  throughout the country that may be added to other packages.
    We also offer world class adventure tours, scuba diving, surfing, sailing and fishing.
    We arrange everything in advance, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

    Our Reservation Office Is Located In La Fortuna, Costa Rica In The Shadow Of Arenal Volcano, behind the Catholic Church, Near The World Famous Hot Springs.

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