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We’ll guide you through the latest monthly fishing reports, offering insights into prime locations, species abundance, and notable catches.

Take a look at some of our latest finds:

Fishing Herradura


The waters were alive with dolphin mahi-mahi and blue and black marlin. We found feisty roosterfish near shore, while sailfish and yellowfin tuna awaited offshore. Recent half-day trips with bait ballyhoo were a hit, landing 5 sailfish—an indication of plenty out there.


This was a great month to target black and blue marlins, known for their strength and acrobatics, or opt for roosterfish closer to shore, which are prized for their aggressive strikes. 

Offshore, sailfish and yellowfin tuna offered fast-paced action and exciting battles.


You can target various species, including dolphin mahi-mahi, grouper broomtail, jack crevalle, and blue and striped marlin. Particularly noteworthy are the abundant roosterfish and sailfish, which provide thrilling encounters.


April is a diverse month for fishing, offering a wide range of species to target. You can pursue dolphin mahi-mahi, grouper broomtail, jack crevalle, roosterfish, sailfish, snook, Sierra mackerel, and cubera snapper.

While marlin activity may be slower, tuna are still biting—making them perfect for big tuna sashimi on board!

Additionally, you may encounter big sails and have the chance to catch some nice grouper and conger eels from the bottom.

Fishing in Herradura brings plenty of bites and successful outings for anglers to enjoy.

Fishing Los Suenos


January offers anglers favorable fishing conditions. The weather is pleasant, making it ideal for fishing expeditions.

Inshore waters are home to various species like roosterfish, snapper, and jack crevalle. On the other hand, offshore waters present a surge in sailfish and marlin numbers. Moreover, roosterfish are abundant in the inshore waters, providing challenges for anglers of all levels.


In February, the land enjoys warm to hot temperatures typical of the region’s “Summertime,” with clear skies overhead.

Offshore, the waters are filled with catches like yellowfin tuna, marlin, and sailfish, providing anglers with thrilling opportunities for epic battles.

Roosterfish are abundant, marking the middle of their yearly peak season, while other species like snapper, jacks, mackerel, and grouper are also plentiful.

You can use various techniques to hook these ocean giants, such as landing trolling for sailfish and using live bait for Dorado.


In mid to late March, anglers in Los Sueños enjoy ideal fishing conditions both on land and at sea, with pleasantly warm temperatures and gentle breezes onshore, complemented by calm seas and clear skies offshore.

The waters abound with prized species like Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Billfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Dorado.


With excellent temperatures, sunny skies onshore, and just-right temperatures offshore, April is an ideal time to hit the waters.

This month is the peak Marlin season, with Blue, Striped, and Black Marlin taking center stage. In addition to Marlin, Roosterfish and smaller Tuna regularly appear in impressive numbers inshore.

Experience unforgettable fishing in the calm waters of Los Sueños.

Crocodile Bay


In January, Crocodile Bay witnessed some remarkable fishing moments, with anglers reeling in impressive catches like 60+ lbs cubera snappers and massive roosterfish ranging from 40 to 65 lbs.

The inshore action has been exceptional, offering anglers a variety of techniques to try, including drifting live baits, vertical jigging, and even topwater action with plugs and poppers.

But, the highlight of the month has been the sailfish action. Additionally, the tuna fishery around the Osa Peninsula thrived, with huge schools of tuna spotted practically every day.


February marks the official kickoff of the sailfish season at Crocodile Bay, and it was an exciting start. Known as one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean, sailfish can reach speeds of up to 85 mph and cover vast distances in a single day.

Inshore fishing saw a surge in activity, particularly with cubera snappers. Anglers experienced exceptional bites, with some landing impressive cubera snappers weighing between 20 and 60 lbs.

However, the standout feature of the month was the wahoo bite. Considered the unicorns of our waters, wahoo sightings are rare in this area.


March witnessed a surge in sailfish activity at Crocodile Bay, with anglers experiencing double-digit releases of these magnificent creatures. Additionally, there were exciting encounters with impressive 150-pound yellowfin tuna, providing anglers with thrilling battles on the water.

For fly-fishing enthusiasts, March presented an ideal opportunity to test their skills by targeting billfish on the fly. Moreover, several anglers successfully achieved their goal of hooking billfish.


Stay tuned for this month’s report, as we’ve made excellent catches!

Crocodile Bay provides guests with an outstanding fishing experience!

Fishing In Costa Rica:  A Testimonial by Captain Smity

“First of all, Crocodile Resort is 1st class all the way. All the travel arrangements are made overnight at the hotel in San Jose, picked up at the International Airport (SJO), and picked up at the hotel the following day for the hop to the airstrip in Puerto Jimenez. 

All arrangements, including air, in-country transportation, accommodations, tours, and fishing at Crocodile Bay Resort, can be booked by Bill Beard’s office in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Early morning breakfast at Crocodile Bay included a traditional American style, and we went off to the pier to meet our guide and mate. Great boat and 1st class gear. We caught all Penn reels and rods with live bait each morning.

The 25-foot Boston Whaler with twin Merc 150 Verados took the chop like a champ. We trolled most of the day with the two motors, and you could barely hear them. 

Here’s the best part. Captains Johnnie and Anthony put us on fish straight away. We got into some vast Jack Crevalle, which brought our motivation right. We didn’t catch that many roosterfish that day, but I did manage a trophy of about 30 lbs. 

After trolling inside close to the surf, it got slow, and our Captain suggested deep water for red snapper and cubera, which we caught in about 200 feet of water. 

We caught yellowfin tuna, rainbow runners, mackerel, and some fish I had never heard of. We kept the snapper as Todd, the Resort’s fishing director, told us to do. Man, talk about good eating. Small red snapper gutted, scaled, and deep-fried whole. Yes, I said whole. The meat fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. 

The next day just got better. We mainly worked for roosterfish and caught several up to 30 lbs. More Jacks, snapper, and one African pompano.

The third day was the gravy day. We targeted roosterfish and caught 14, with me catching 3 over 40 lbs, one of which was 50 lbs. We were getting bites all morning, and some nice fish broke off, and the hook just pulled out. 

It was just part of fishing, but we should have boated over 20 roosterfish. Troy and I agreed it was one of the best fishing trips we had ever been on together. I remain a die-hard peacock bass fisherman, but I now have a healthy respect for that roosterfish. I have never had a hold of a more robust fish in open water. 

When they take off, all you can do is hold on. They do come up and show themselves, and I liked that. When you think you have them whipped and they see the boat, off they go like a streak of greased lightning, and again, all you can do is hold on. I have never seen a fish that can move that fast in the water. All were safely released to fight again.

We managed to catch one more African pompano on the last fish. It fought bravely but could not be revived when we tried to release it. Anthony filed it out for us and told us to tell the cook to fix it on the grill. 

Allan, that undoubtedly was the best fish I ever ate. I cannot fully explain the flavor and texture of the filet. You would have to experience it for yourself. Thanks, buddy, for all your help!

Troy wants to return to the same time next year and take his youngest son, who will be 17. Of course, I will gladly tag along. Although Todd said December through March were the best months, Sept is off-season, and both our Captains agreed that was a good time to come.

We were the only boat out, and the pressure on the fish was minimal.

That was a trip, and I finished my bucket list of fish I wanted to catch and experienced a fishing trip beyond my wildest dream. 

How fortunate I am to have been able to be healthy enough to have fished all over the world as I have.”

A big thank you to Captain Smity for his fantastic review. Your description of the Crocodile Resort experience and your incredible fishing journey highlight the charm of this destination!

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