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DEMA Show 2015 Was In Orlando, Florida – Great Show With Lots Of Travelers Going To Costa Rica For The First Time. – Our DEMA Specials Are Still In Effect Until Dec. 15th.

DEMA show 2015 in Orlando Florida convention Center
Nadine & Vanessa At DEMA in Las Vegas, 2014

Dates: Wednesday, November 4 – Saturday, November 7, 2015
Location: Orange County Convention Center, South Concourse
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Bill Beard's Costa Rica is located in the shadow of Arenal Volcano
Bill Beard’s Costa Rica Staff prepare For DEMA


Scuba Diving Report From Rocket Frog Divers. Gulf Of Papagayo

Water temps still holding steady at 85 – 89. We are diving with humpback whales, manta rays, pilot whales and lots of nice sharks. Visibility  60-80 feet most of the time….:-
We are making trips to bat island regularly, many great dives with the bull sharks and Black Rock Dive Site is full of fish as always, the sea state is excellent as we are making the crossing 50-60 minutes.
It’s a great time for scuba diving in Costa Rica, low season, low prices, no crowds. Our big group of 160 divers left three weeks ago and things have calmed down. They had a great time diving and enjoyed all the adventure tours and the hot springs.


Reviewed October 6, 2015

I’m part of a group of about 160 people who used Bill Beard’s to create and coordinate an amazing Costa Rica experience. They were helpful in just about every aspect of the trip planning and execution.

Although their office is in La Fortuna, they helped coordinate a scuba diving trip in Guanacaste for over 160 participants.

If you are planning to bring a group, large or small, to Costa Rica, Bill Beard’s can help coordinate a trip that everyone will enjoy.

Vanessa and her team are rock stars!

Visited September 2015
Diving For Life Groups in Costa Rica with Bill Beard

Diving Report From Aquacenter Diving In Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

Dive Report:September –October,2015

October has been agoodmonth of diving. Visibility has been excellent ranging from 35ft-60ft, with most of the dives being at least 45ft and sometimes passing 60ft and more. Temperature has been very constant at 83F-86F with the very rare occasion you might hit 80F down at depth. Surface temperature of the water would very rarely stray away from around 86F.

Late conditions are still making the water move, adding waves and chop to the surface. Surge has also been quite significant with some days delivering some strong currents. Although surge and currents have increased,the diving has still been amazing with vast numbers of Schools of fish.

Regarding the marine life,this lastmonthhas been just phenomenal! We have been treated withfrequent sightings of all the usual protagonistssuch aswhitetip reef sharks, eagle rays, shoals and schools of fish so numerous they seem to block the Sun. As always, it is impossible to dive and not see allof the various species of Pufferfish, Grunts, Surgeonfish, Moray eels, Jacks and Trevallies.Dolphinshave been around swimming and playing around the boat.


Dives here havebeengreat this past month. Mainly, white tip sharks, what a show! Also,rainbow runners, needle fish, sabalotes(milk fish), scrawled file fish, snappers, trumpet fish, spade fish, puffers, green and jewel morays,catalina fish, turtles.


Always a great dive site, whitetip sharks,turtles, Eagles Rays, spade fish, big eye jacks, grunts, rainbow runners, puffers, green moray eels.

Dirty Rock

The king angelfish, barberfish, and thesurgeonfish,going swim crazyon Dirty Rock.Diversenjoythe usuallargenumberof fishoverand around the rock.You can literally touch them.Damsel fishswimming for cover asthe trevalliesare out on the hunt.

Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes have alsodelivered some great diving during October, with big schools of Jacks, Grunts,and Surgeonfish. We have seen fish everywhere, somebaby white tip sharks and juvenile fish all over.Needle fish cruise the top layers of the water on this site.


scuba diving in costa rica

Hannah of Pacific Coast Divers, Catalina Islands & Flamingo Beach Costa Rica with a selfie, Catalina Islands in the background. Great day of diving with a family and a new certified diver. Water temp and vis were both 80+ with lots of marine life, kind of day you write home about

Catalina islands costa rica scuba diving

Photo – yellow tailed surgeon fish, (Prionurus laticlavus), Catalina Island Costa Rica

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Islands in in the Pacific Ocean is about 40 hours offshore from Puntarenas, Costa Rica. It is all live aboard diving. The most popular trip is 10 days but there is a 12 day trip available. Bill Beard’s books the entire trip including air, accommodations in San Jose, transportation and will pick up divers at the boat on the return for additional adventure throughout Costa Rica

Hundreds of Hammerhead Sharks, amazing marine life and blue open ocean, Cocos Island is a once in a lifetime diving destination that any dive and particularly shark lovers must dive.

Cocos Island is an island approximately 375 miles off the coast of Costa Rica of tectonic and volcanic origin. Converging nutrient rich currents from the nearby deep water are what attract the large schools of pelagic life, such as schools of Hammerhead Sharks, manta rays, white tip sharks, marble rays & silky sharks that make the area a first class diving destination.

world's best diving at Cocos Island Costa Rica

With so many excellent dive sites at Cocos divers are spoilt for choice and will not be disappointed with this destination. This really is a dedicated dive holiday which only experienced divers should undertake due to the conditions but it is one that any diver will remember for the rest of their lives. If you are not comfortable with your skills then come to Costa Rica a few days early and we’ll take you diving from the mainland and get you ready to go. Bill Beard’s will be happy to make all the arrangements and deliver you to the boat in Puntarenas when you are ready to go.

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