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Diving Report From Rocket Frog Divers.

Hola Bill,
Seeing lots of mantas locally, the water has finally cooled to about 70 degrees with thermoclines into the high 60s……lots and lots of morays, Rays of all types and seahorses….they are everywhere, we found seven on one dive alone.
The wind continues to be problematic causing big waves in the area., visibility 40-50 feet average daily.
Lots of whales during this season, and the weather pattern is not typical….still lots to show the divers while they are here….:-)
Warm regards
***********************Dive Report******************************
Aquacenter Diving – Catalina Islands Flamingo, Costa Rica
March, 2015.The manta rays are still around the Catalinas. We have been finding them every day.Visibility:Between 35 & 45 Feet.

Water Temperature: around 76 – 78 Degrees F.

No rain, this is the dry season, beautiful weather at N.W. Pacific beaches

We still have windy days but it has been milder than other years and it has been later during the day so the diving conditions have not been affected. The marine life has been great, mantas, bull shark, turtles and lots of different species of rays. The temperature has been changing a lot from 70 F some days to 78 F.

The Catalina Islands Area is great for beginner divers and advanced divers, we have dive sites for experienced, beginner divers and snorkelers. We have a convenient schedule where we take the certified divers in the morning and the beginner divers and snorkelers in the afternoon going to shallower sites closer to shore. We also offer one tank afternoon dives to the Catalina Islands Area upon request. We have more than 15 dive sites. This has been the month of the referrals, lots from the northern states, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc…

Regarding the marine life:

Dive Site Catalinas: MANTAS, BULL SHARK, white tip reef shark, round ray, eagle ray, devil rays, stingrays, angels, pacific box fish, blue spotted jaw fish, barber, surgeon, trumpet fish, spotted grunts, green, jewel, fine spot morays, nudibranchs, turtle.

Dive Site Hats: Manta, White tips, devil rays, eagle, stingray, round rays, electric ray, guitar shark, octopus, tiger snake eel, pacific box fish, dragon wrasse, puffer fish, pacific crevalle, big eye jacks, grunts, wahoo, scrawled file fish, guinea fowl puffer, green and jewel morays, turtle, nudibranchs.

Dive Site Dirty Rock: MANTA, White tips, 25+ devil rays, eagle rays, electric rays, round rays, sting rays, almaco jacks, BIG eyed jacks, green jacks, spade fish, surgeon fish, king angels, creole fish, barber fish, scorpion fish, cornet fish, all puffers, angels, spotted grunts, green and jewel morays, scrawled file fish, sea chubbs, palometas, 2 turtles.

Dive Site Cup Cakes: Guitar sharks, round rays, electric rays, green morays, spotted grunts, angel fish, barber fish, scorpion fish.

Dive Site Elephant: Guitar shark, eagle rays, devil rays, electric rays, stingrays, round rays, green and jewel morays, spotted grunt, green jacks, crevalle jacks, green morays, palometas, turtles, sea chubb.

Dive Site 4 Rocks: Nurse shark, guitar sharks, round rays, southern stingray, devil rays, green morays, scrawled file fish, cornet fish, golden guinea fowl puffer.

Dive Site Flat Rock: Round rays, scorpion fish, sabalotes, morays.

Dive Site Isla Plata Eagle rays, round rays, southern stingrays, round rays, green jacks, school of crevalle jacks, puffers, porcupines, file fish, tiger snake eel, jewel morays, lobster, octopi, nudibranchs.

We named a new dive site, Tortuga, so many TURTLES!!!

And more and more marine life in our other dive sites.

Contact Bill Beard’s Phone 877 853-0538 Seven Days, 9-9 ET Or E Mail Anytime


To Dive Shops & Dive Clubs.

Greetings from beautiful Costa Rica,

The first question is:
Why would a dive shop or club want to take a group to Costa Rica? Other than the fact that it’s an exciting great value trip for your customers & members to a beautiful, safe country with spectacular marine life, lots of activities and adventure.

This is Bill Beard’s 45th year of operating scuba diving in Costa Rica and 28th year of combining adventure activities and scuba diving packages.

Costa Rica is a great all-around destination for divers and non-divers alike.  Many couples have one diver and one non-diver in the family so it is a perfect destination for both.  We have afternoon canopy and wildlife tours that can be done after diving in the AM, so the non-divers do not feel left out or like they are on a “dive only” vacation. All of the divers and non-divers can enjoy hot springs, mud baths, spas, river rafting, canopy tours, wildlife boat tours and much more that may be enjoyed together.   Nearly every dive group who has come to Costa Rica has returned with many of the same people and more who heard about the trip and saw the photos.  The excitement is infectious.


The tap water is safe to drink and tastes wonderful.  There are no visas or shots required to enter Costa Rica. You do need a passport.  Costa Rica is 10 degrees from the equator, so it is below the hurricane line and there has not been a hurricane there in the 110 years that records have been kept.

So the second question is, Why Not?

Please take a look at our NEW HD video about scuba diving and adventure in Costa Rica.  We are certain this video will create lots of interest in a Costa Rica vacation. Let’s work together and set up a memorable trip to Costa Rica for your customers. They will thank you for it.

We can add tours throughout Costa Rica after your trip to Cocos Islands. We will pick you up in Puntarenas at any of the boats. See Tours HERE


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See our NEW HD VIDEO on Costa Rica scuba diving and adventure.

Our agents can set up the all inclusive or al a carte vacation package and itinerary you want throughout the country. There is no charge for our service and we’ll save you money and lots of time and you’ll get the vacation you want.  Bill  Beard’s reservation office is located in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in the  shadow of Arenal Volcano, behind the Catholic Church near the world famous hot springs.

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