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Costa Rica will reopen International Airports for visitors from Canada, UK, and European Union.

Costa Rican officials announced on July 23 that the International airport opening programmed for midnight on Aug 1 will continue as scheduled. Flights arriving from Canada European Union and the United Kingdom and the Schengen Area

From 01.08.2020 there are entries from the EU, the Schengen area, Great Britain, and Canada by air again.

The following requirements apply to tourists:

IMPORTANT NOTE! – Information and requirements are being updated every 2 weeks. We recommend that you speak with one of the local agents prior to arrival for the most up to date information. Please speak with your local agent before filling out the form and insurance purchase as requirements may have changed.

  • Negative COVID test, sampling max. 48 hours before departure, the rapid test is not recognized digitally pre-filled health form
  • A travel insurance policy that meets the following requirements
    • The policy is valid throughout their scheduled visit to Costa Rica.
    •  It covers medical expenses in Costa Rica related to COVID-19 of at least $50,000.*
    • It includes a minimum coverage of $2,000 for accommodation expenses related to COVID-19
  • Tourists must complete and present an epidemiological survey.
  • Compliance with the strict hygiene protocols at the airport

Information is currently being updated. Please
speak with your  travel agent for the
most up to date information  and

  1. The Costa Rica Tourism Board will receive a request from the tourist. That request must include:
    1. A signed declaration indicating the policy meets the requirements. – information to follow.
    2. Proof from the insurance company indicating the policy covers the tourist(s).
  2. Tourists will receive a response to their request within 24 hours on workdays, or 48 hours on weekends/holidays.
  3. If the policy does not meet the requirements, the tourist will be notified. They will have 24 hours to correct the issue, or they can purchase a plan that has been pre-approved by the General Insurance Superintendency.
  4. If the policy meets requirements and is approved, ICT will send the tourist a QR code that must be shown to Costa Rican immigration authorities at the airport. The relevant documents from Step 1 must also be submitted as part of the digital Health Pass that is required for all travelers.

This is the complete list of countries:

European Union:
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Sweden.

United Kingdom:
England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.


All approved travelers to Costa Rica must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test received within 48 hours prior to boarding. Visitors must also fill out and present a public health form available through the Costa Rican health Departments online portal. Guests will be required to show proof of adequate medical insurance coverage that will cover medical care and extended stays in case of illness while traveling. Guests will also be required to follow all local health protocols.

Failure to follow any of the entry requirements may result in refusal to board, refusal of entry, or mandatory testing at the cost of the passenger and quarantine upon arrival.

The first scheduled flights are programmed from Madrid, Spain, Frankfurt, Germany, the UK, and Canada. Before traveling we recommend guests have the most up to date information on where COVID-19 is spreading.

Any areas that are under “Alerta Amarilla” – Yellow alert will continue with reopening phases that allow open-air tourism activities such as rafting, canopy, ATV, hiking, and boating tours to continue. Public beaches will have their hours extended from 5 30 AM to 2 30 PM

What is Costa Rica doing to ensure health and safety for its residents and visitors
The tourism industry has measures in place to ensure hotels, tourism service providers and transportation providers have the latest information on COVID-19, including prevention measures, personal prevention tips for their teams and travelers, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and guidance for what to do if their staff or guests begin experiencing symptoms. To protect your health and safety, travelers should note measures are in place that is being strictly enforced, including social distancing and face masks.

Hotels: Hotels that have remained open or that will open in the upcoming months have been working hard to implement new safety and health protocols with distancing measures and face coverings mandatory in public areas. Restaurants inside hotels are open and can welcome guests at 50% capacity at present. Room service remains available for guests. Temperature checks, screen symptoms, and disinfect luggage in reception areas are conducted upon entry while following high standards of cleanliness and housekeeping procedures

Restaurants + Supermarkets: Restaurants are open at 50% capacity and some may require temperature checks performed before entering. Delivery for restaurants and supermarkets is available at many locations. Buffets, salad bars, and self-serve options will mostly be eliminated or managed by the hotel staff, and reusable menus must be cleaned between use or accessible online. Employees are required to use face coverings and if serving guests, gloves

Airports – Individuals visiting, traveling through, or working in public areas of the airport’s terminals are now required to wear an appropriate face covering or mask. Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the airport’s terminals. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting touched surfaces such as handrails, elevator buttons, and door handles, and regular cleansing of security checkpoints and restrooms will take place. Conducting enhanced screening and temperature checks on arriving international passenger

Tours – The private sector have worked in recent months on the drafting of 16 health protocols to ensure safe travel

Transportation: Certified transportation carriers will disinfect vehicles and have hand sanitizer available for guests. Drivers are recommended to wear gloves when handling doors and luggage. Face coverings are mandatory for drivers and passengers.

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