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When planning your perfect wedding day who wouldn’t be looking for the dream honeymoon to match? But between the flowers, favors and the flights costs can rack up pretty quickly. You’ve put a ring on it – and spent a pretty penny on the Big Day to boot – but that doesn’t mean the perfect honeymoon is out of reach…There is a solution = Honeymoon In Costa Rica – With Bill Beard’s Adventure Travel Company.

There’s a little piece of paradise nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and it’s called “Costa Rica”. While the distance is barely 200 miles, that area includes some of the most beautiful rainforests, volcanoes, rivers, mountains, beaches and biodiversity you will ever encounter. Costa Rica, known as the Switzerland of the Americas due to it’s beauty, peacefulness and the lack of an army.

These days, most honeymooners want to do more than just bask on a beach somewhere – they’re after a truly unique experience and that’s where Bill Beard’s and their team of planners comes in…

According to Conde Nast Bridal Group’s American Wedding Study, “Traditionally honeymooners go to the beach, now they are trying to do something a bit different,”  According to Theresa DiMasi, editor in chief of, “eco-tourism is becoming more and more popular.”

According to ASTA travel experts, Costa Rica is the most “up and coming” honeymoon destination world-wide.
borinquen mountain resort & hot springs

Costa Rica is a great spot for active couples. It’s well known for its zip line tours, which send visitors swinging through the forest’s treetop canopy via a cable and a harness – not to mention the great surfing, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding, white water river rafting and much much more. You can even learn to scuba dive or surf while on your honeymoon, We will even take you to Nicaragua for a day if you would like to see some of that country and get another stamp in your passport.

horseback riding in costa rica is a popular means of transportation

Here are some suggestions for your honeymoon package.

  1. Move Around: For years we have advised our honeymoon couples to move around the country and not just stay in one resort. Here’s why. There is so much to see and do in Costa Rica! Honeymooners staying in one place would miss out on diverse scenery and a variety of activities and experiences. One idea is to stay in Manuel Antonio for three nights, Arenal for three nights, and Guanacaste for three nights. While you have to pack and unpack a few times, you will be happy you decided to see the different regions. You will be very disappointed if you did not get the chance to experience the diversity this country offers.
  2. Prepare for Rain. There is a reason why this country is so lush and green: It rains and that makes for gorgeous photos that are green and lush.  Costa Rica has a dry season and a rainy season, but depending where you are in the country, it could rain at any time. Be sure to pack shoes that can get wet and clothes that dry fast. Dry season is November thru May and green season is June until November.
  3. Costa Rica RainforestOpt For A Guide and Driver. Having Bill Beard’s include a guide and driver in your honeymoon package will make your trip less stressful, it will give you inside knowledge about the country that you never would have known otherwise. Traveling from point to point means spending up to two and three hours in the car. Normally, travelers dread a long car ride, but this is different as the scenery is breath-taking. The best way to learn more about Costa Rica is to have a friendly, knowledgeable English speaking tour guides and an expert drivers. They will stop at photo-ops along the way to see everything from 20-foot crocodiles, monkeys & sloths to scarlet Macaws.
  4. Savor the Flavor. The food in Costa Rica is delicious! The tour guide will probably inform you that all meals  consist of a choice of: beans and rice or rice and beans. Of course he is joking, but both versions are scrumptious! You may savor one last serving at the airport before you fly home. If in San Jose airport and are hungry for a U.S. style burger, try the Smash Burger. In addition to the traditional rice and beans, you may enjoy local coffee, chocolate, fresh fish, fruits and some of the best pineapple you can imagine. Eating pineapple will never be the same again. Of course,you can’t forget the traditional tres leches and flan  enjoyed every evening for dessert.
  5. Be Active. But don’t worry about all of the tres leches you are eating because you will work it off every day. Activities consist of horseback rides to waterfalls; nature walks through Manuel Antonio National Park; zip lining; hiking through rainforests; white water rafting; and rappelling down five 100 foot waterfalls. Some of the less-active tours included a chocolate tour where you will make your own chocolate and a coffee demonstration. Costa Rica offers unique experiences for every activity level.

One more tip: You don’t need to set an alarm in the morning. Costa Rican alarm clocks consist of colorful birds and the famous Howler monkeys. Every morning around five o’clock at Sunup you will hear the howler monkeys and the parrots flying overhead. Howler monkeys can be heard as far away as 3 miles. Can you imagine how it would be to lie in bed listening to the monkeys and the birds?

Howler monkey in Costa Rica

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