Is Punta Gorda, Costa Rica Good for Scuba Diving?

Yes, Punta Gorda is an excellent dive site. But what makes it so special? First, the site has a maximum depth of 70 feet, making it suitable for divers of various skill levels.

Second, the exit point of the dive site is shallow, only 15-20 ft, so if you hang out there, you are making your safety stop while continuing to explore the dive site!

Moreover, Punta Gorda has exceptional marine life. You can expect to encounter coral reefs and hundreds of colorful fish congregating around you as you descend. The area is frequented by large schools of fish, moray eels, and green turtles.

At Bill Beard’s Costa Rica, we’re your gateway to this spot, ready to guide you through its hidden treasures. Keep reading to learn more about why Punta Gorda is a favorite among divers.

For an unforgettable underwater adventure, look no further than Punta Gorda, Costa Rica, scuba diving.

The Best Dive Sites Near Punta Gorda

Bill Beard’s Costa Rica is your entryway to some of the most breathtaking sites near Punta Gorda. Each of these sites offers its unique underwater experiences.

Here are the top dive sites around Punta Gorda, Costa Rica:

Punta Argentina

Punta Argentina’s stunning 70-foot drop-off makes for an exciting diving experience. Here, you’ll encounter turtles, eagle rays, Southern Stingrays and white-tip sharks, while the rocks are adorned with Moorish idols, scallops, spiny oysters and unique urchins.

Macro enthusiasts will enjoy spotting harlequin shrimp, sea horses and frogfish alongside the larger marine creatures.

Punta Argentina allows you to enjoy abundant coral schools and encountering occasional rays and sharks.


Tortuga is just a short boat ride from Punta Gorda, Costa Rica. You can visit the sunken fishing boat, which sits in 60 feet of water. There’s also a cave where white-tipped reef sharks hang out. Among the rocky walls of this hidden gem, marine life abounds.

The volcanic rock formation known as Tortuga is a haven for nudibranchs and other fascinating macro creatures. Stingrays glide gracefully above the sandy seabed, while moray eels find refuge in rocky crevices. Keep an eye out for spotted eagle rays; if you’re lucky, you might see turtles or whale sharks.

Tortuga is an excellent site for encountering whitetip sharks, sea turtles, eels, and various species of rays

Tortuga is an excellent site for encountering whitetip sharks, sea turtles, eels, and various species of rays.


Costa Rica’s dive site Escorpiones is a sweet site. This 50-foot max depth site around a single rock formation is easy to navigate and will expose you to a world full of wonders. The site is famous for its black and orange seahorses and turtle sightings, including olive-ridleys, green turtles and occasional giant leatherback.

But that’s not all. On the sandy seafloor, blunt-head triggerfish create intricate tunnels, and camouflaged rays wait to be discovered.

Along the Escorpiones marine life cast, you can also see:

  • Octopuses
  • Spotted eagle rays and devil rays
  • Nudibranchs
  • King angelfish
  • Cortez angelfish
  • Parrot fish
Escorpiones, in the Gulf of Papagayo, provides exciting dives with lots of marine animals to see.

What is Marine Life Like in Punta Gorda Waters?

Punta Gorda has a diverse marine life. With a maximum depth of 21 meters and clear waters, it’s a great place to spot large schools of fish. Some of the largest green morays you will ever encounter can be found here too.

As you explore, you’ll see majestic green turtles, rays, Southern Stingrays, eagle rays, and the occasional white-tip sharks. You’ll get to see an array of life among this rock formation.

What is The Best Time to Dive in Punta Gorda, Costa Rica?

With its inviting waters and favorable conditions, Punta Gorda always offers a good time for underwater exploration, even during Costa Rica’s green season. The water’s temperature varies between 20-24°C (68-75°F) all year, and air temperatures hover between 21-27°C (70-81°F), making diving comfortable no matter what season it is.

Safety Measures to Take

Here are key safety measures to follow for your underwater adventure in Punta Gorda:

  • Ensure good physical health and inform your instructor of medical conditions or medications.
  • Prevent decompression sickness by staying hydrated before and after diving.
  • Select dive sites matching your experience level.
  • Regularly equalize your ears during descent to prevent discomfort.
  • Stay aware of your tank’s capacity and maintain a safe air reserve.
  • Wait 24 hours before flying after a dive to reduce decompression risks.
  • Ask us about dive insurance, which covers emergencies and accidents.

Do I need a diving certification?

Yes, a diving certification is necessary for safe scuba diving in Punta Gorda, Costa Rica. It demonstrates your training, skills, and knowledge of essential safety procedures.

At Bill Beard’s Costa Rica, we offer top-notch facilities and certified diving instructors to help you get certified. By completing our course, you’ll be globally recognized as a certified diver for life.

Explore Punta Gorda’s underwater wonders confidently by completing our Open Water Diver Certification Course! We’ll ensure your learning experience is exceptional.

What Else Can I Do in Punta Gorda?

Punta Gorda promises an unforgettable dive, unveiling ocean magic in all its glory.

Our 2 Tank Dive tour can take you to explore any of the 20 local dive sites, all within about 10 to 20 minutes from shore. Schooling fish can be found on every dive site, as well as small and big marine creatures.

If you’re looking for another kind of adrenaline-rush activity, our Tenorio River white water rafting tour can complement your diving adventure. You’ll have a wild ride down the narrow Tenorio River in four-person rafts. While riding the thrilling white-water rapids, you’ll see monkeys and birds. There’s a walk-around for rafters who don’t want to do the big drop!

You can also go on another river tour at a slower pace. With our Tempisque River Monkey Safari, you can see and photograph many wild animals. The park has different kinds of animals that live there, and you can learn about their feeding habits, upbringing, and way of life.

Ready to dive into Punta Gorda’s wonders? Let the ocean’s magic envelop you on a truly unforgettable underwater expedition. Contact our team at Bill Beard’s Costa Rica now for additional information.

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