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It Can Be The Highlight Of Any Trip To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect place to visit to see some exotic wildlife in its natural habitat.

When it comes to adventure holidays, there are few places that are more alluring than Central America and Costa Rica is the perfect place to visit if you want to see some exotic wildlife in its natural habitat.



Although you may be struggling to narrow down your itinerary for your holidays in Costa Rica, a highlight of any trip to the country is bound to be a visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park.

This small corner of the country is one of the most-visited nature reserves in Costa Rica and it will provide you with everything from secluded beaches and pristine rainforest to the chance to spot some of the region’s most exciting animals.


Whether you are traveling as a couple, with the kids or alone, you are bound to be seduced by the beauty and nature of Manuel Antonio.

You should start your Costa Rica adventures by setting out on some of the reserve’s well-marked trails, which will take you deep into the rainforest.

Make sure you pack your camera as you will not want to miss the chance to get some photos of the creatures you find here. Within the rainforest, you may be lucky enough to spot sloths, marmosets, iguanas and toucans.

You should also keep your eyes open for some of the monkeys that live in the trees, with capuchin and howler monkeys among the species that call the Manuel Antonio National Park home. But you must also remember that you should not feed the animals while visiting the reserve.


If you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything – and would like to learn more about the wildlife that you encounter during your walks – then you may find that hiring a guide is a sensible option.

These experts will be able to point out various plant and animal species as you follow the trails, as well as help you spot some of the jungle’s more elusive creatures.

After spending time exploring the rainforest, you may want to relax – in which case you should head to one of Manuel Antonio’s beaches.

pygmy silky eater in Costa Rica Manuel Antonio by Billl BeardThere are four stretches of sand that you can visit within the boundaries of the national park, with each offering its own charms and attractions – but all of them have one thing in common in that they are still havens for wildlife.

If you want to take to the water to see what lives beneath the waves then you may want to head to Playa Manuel Antonio, where you will find a small coral reef just offshore. Take your snorkeling equipment with you as well as your swimwear and delve into a colorful world full of small fish, stunning corals and, if you’re lucky, even sea turtles.

Further along the coast, you will find Playa Espadilla Sur, which is situated on a small island that is now attached to the mainland by a narrow sand spit. This too boasts white sand and is fringed by the rainforest, providing the perfect backdrop for your holiday photos.

Several small islands also fall under the boundaries of the national park and are havens for nesting seabirds, including brown pelicans, frigate birds and ahingas.

Manuel Antonio National Park & Beach in Costa RicaIf you want to find stunning views across the Pacific Ocean, you should follow the trail to the top of Serrucho Point. The cliff here is deeply eroded and you will be able to see numerous sea caves as you approach it. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a beautiful panorama across the rainforest stretching down towards the beaches and the water’s edge.

When planning your visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park, you must remember that visitor numbers are restricted each day to ensure that the wildlife is not disturbed. As such, you may want to book in advance to ensure that you have the opportunity to explore its rainforest and beaches.

There is also a ranger station situated near the town of Quepos, which is just outside the nature reserve. It is open daily between 8:00 and 16:00 local time and you will be able to pick up information about the trails in the park and the animals you may see from here.

The scenery from the high, winding road through Manuel Antonio is breathtaking.


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From galloping horses to racing rapids, smashing four-wheelers to sailing zip lines, this community and national park on the central Pacific coast promises to leave the most action-ready traveler gasping for air.

Manuel Antonio’s outdoor scene is set by its rich natural surroundings, boasting three species of monkeys and lush tropical forest with an incalculable variety of plant, insect and animal life. The park’s marine territory hosts myriad species of sharks, dolphins, fish and coral. Rivers rage through the coastal mountains here, and ceaseless Class III and IV rapids on the Rio Naranjo pound the white-water rafts that attempt to traverse them.
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