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Why dive in Costa Rica you ask? It’s the Pacific Ocean marine life we answer!!

The very best mainland diving in Costa Rica is the gulf of Papagayo in the Northwest Pacific and Costa Rica’s Isla del Caño in the Southwest Pacific. The Gulf Of Papagayo includes the Catalina & Bat Islands. Catalina Islands is famous for giant Pacific Manta Rica and Bat Islands is famous for large bull sharks. Of course both Gulf Of Papagayo and Costa Rica’s Isla del Caño and Drake Bay have tremendous amounts of schooling fish numbering in the thousands and an occasional whale shark, humpback whale, orca, pilot whales and more turtles, mobula rays, cow nose rays and spotted eagle rays than you can imagine.

Dive Costa Rica, you may make some new friends with gentle giants..

Whale Sharks have been sighted on our local sights as well as Isla del Cano, Catalina & Bat Islands,  but are not seasonal and have been seen by our divers during all months of the year. It is a view that will live on in your memory forever.

Whether you are a first-time diver or have years of experience, we have dive sites suitable for you. You will dive aboard one of our large, covered, safety-equipped boats, where we provide you with refreshments, tanks, weights, belts and professional guides. Our friendly staff will carry, set-up, wash and store your equipment and have it set up on the boat the next morning so all you have to do is dive.

Squadron Spotted Eagle Rays In Costa Rica


If you’re bent on seeing coral, then Costa Rica diving is not for you; the same goes for the Galapagos and much of this eastern part of the Pacific. If, on the other hand, you’re after some amazing marine life, you won’t be disappointed – Mainland Costa Rica is a bit like a junior Galapagos. This is the finest diving on Central America’s Pacific coast, with the exception of Cocos Island.



Manta Ray in Pacific Ocean Costa Rica with Bill Beard'sThe sites close to land host some fantastic marine life from interesting small stuff such as harlequin crown shrimp and seahorses to morays, turtles and vast schools of grunts. Further afield, you are virtually guaranteed a close encounter with a bull shark at the famous Bat Islands. The water may not be perfectly clear and the underwater landscape could be more striking but the marine life is exceptional.


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(And little friends, too)…For photographers, Costa Rica is a dream come true. The variety of natural wildlife abundant here provide opportunities for both wide-angle and macro shots

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Sublimely beautiful Costa Rica has something for everyone. The treats range from exciting adventure to leisurely relaxation, and everything in between that we can add to your vacation package. Furthermore, tourists can sample the laid-back national lifestyle that ticos (the name the Costa Ricans call themselves) refer to as ‘Pura Vida’ – ‘pure life’: no stress, no hassle. All this, combined with unsurpassed natural beauty and a developed and accommodating tourist industry, makes Costa Rica a wonderful place to visit and vacation.

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Our Reservation Office Is Located In La Fortuna, Costa Rica In The Shadow Of Arenal Volcano, behind the Catholic Church, Near The World Famous Hot Springs. Nothing to learn here – Just wade into the thermal waters under the waterfalls.

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