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Costa Rica is an angler’s dream destination with countless fishing venues and an incredible mix of trophy game fish and exotic species to tangle with.

Giant marlin, sailfish beyond number, high-jumping tarpon, record-class snook and a dozen or more hard hitting fresh water species… Costa Rica has them all! Fishing just doesn’t get any better than you will find in friendly, peaceful Costa Rica, and because this is a small nation, it’s possible to enjoy it all on a single visit, perhaps with a day of white water river rafting and a volcano and rain forest tour thrown in.

On the Pacific, it’s common to release a dozen or more sails and even a marlin or two in a single day, and not unusual to release more than 30 sail-fish a day. There are also dolphin (including the long-standing International Game Fish Association’s all-tackle record 87-pounder), giant yellowfin tuna, wahoo, cubera, roosterfish, a variety of snapper, grouper, blue runners, rainbow runners, snook and much more. And Costa Rica boat operators release all billfish that are not record contenders, so the future of the resource is assured. The all-time tournament record of 1,691 billfish releases by 120 anglers in four days was established in Costa Rica a few years ago during the International Sailfish Tournament. And all were caught on 20-pound-test line. At last count, there were more than 80 current IGFA world record fish from Costa Rica waters including 21 all-tackle marks.

We always have over 80 IGFA world’s records standing with at least 21 all tackle, 41 Line Test records & 18 Fly Fish Records.

Releasing a nice sail fish in Costa RicaWe some of the best Sport Fishing in the world. The Pacific side has incredible fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Snapper, and more. The Caribbean side and Northern regions of Costa Rica are famous for big Tarpon and big Snook

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Cubera: (Pacific Dog Snapper)551552_10153064812639165_6676361277733787117_n

The cubera snapper is the king of all snappers, and a true trophy catch. It is a slow growing and long-lived fish. Living up to 60 years and growing to a record of over 100 pounds. I believe its long life cycle helps it be one of the more intelligent fish. It is a very cautious and wary species, often very sensitive to heavy leaders. We see them in large numbers and very large sizes when scuba diving Black Rock.

The name “cubera” is derived from a Spanish word for “viper”, referring to the several large canine teeth protruding from this species mouth.

Costa Rica is home to all kinds of Snapper species: Cubera, Red, Mullet, Colorado, Dog-Tooth, Silky, Yellow, Rock and many more. Anglers fishing Costa Rica inshore will find these beautiful – delicious! – often wary and cautious fish usually around rocks, reefs, ledges and other structures close to shore.

Snapper can be caught all year round off Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts, but it is the Pacific coast where these fish truly abound. All Snapper species eat crabs and shrimps, smaller fish and minnows, and octopus. And, of course, every species of Snapper caught on Costa Rican sport fishing charters is a delicacy at the dining table.

Snapper of a different color – Rock Snapper

A more unusual Rock Snapper in Costa RicaSnapper often encountered when fishing Costa Rica is the Rock Snapper. What distinguishes them is that they are olive green, not the usual variation of red coloring shared by other Snapper species, and have alternating light and dark vertical bands. Rock Snapper also have two ‘feeler’ antenna-like structures protruding from their upper jaw.

Rock Snapper, usually three-15lbs, hang around holes and ledges, and will run to the hole when they feel the hook. They are fairly weak fighters, but truly excellent eating.





  Blue Marlin (The lady in the blue dress) and Black Marlin easily approach 600 plus pounds and because of the power, size and persistence each fish is one of the most highly prized by all anglers. Marlin can be found from the southern part of Costa Rica in the Golfito area all the way up to the North Pacific Coast.Costa Rica has long been known as a place where you can land double digit sailfish or wrestle with monster roosterfish, but the last several years the marlin bite offshore has been unrivaled by any other destination in the world.


Other than sail and marlin roosterfish is the target best appreciated by sports-fishermen who come to this region looking for a fishing adventure. With an average weight between 50 and 80 pounds, rooster fish is a great opponent for any professional or amateur fisherman. An 80 lb rooster fish is a better fighter than a 80 lb sailfish.

Rooster Fish in Costa Rica is a highly sought after gamefish

Roosterfish: The target and prize of most serious in-shore fisherman, the roosterfish is one of Costa Rica’s most sought after species. Once hooked, this brazen and macho fish will try, and actually might be able, to out muscle you. Commonly found around rocky outcrops and islands, they are also caught hunting right behind the surf. Roosters can be hooked with poppers and spinners, though they go crazy for live bait. While the average is about 30-40 lbs, roosters over 50 lbs are common and over 80 lbs are a treat.. Rooster fish is not a migratory specie, it is rather a territorial one and it is present year round. However, a higher number of fishes are caught when water conditions are especially good, no matter what time of the year it is. One of the main reasons for the abundance of this species is the fishing technique that is used to catch it (circle hook to catch this variety of fish) plus the catch and release technique shared by all of the Gulf of Papagayo fishermen.. Another reason for the abundance of this fish is that there is a large area of good fertile grounds where the rooster fish live in Papagayo (Bat Islands) and this area has been incorporated into a protected area called the Santa Rosa National Park.



Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica has 4 world's records.

The tarpon fishing on the Caribbean Coast is always exciting as world record sized fish are a yearly occurrence. Try your hand at tarpon and snook fishing on the caribbean side of Costa Rica. It is here on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, that enormous schools of marauding Tarpon search to satisfy their endless appetite. Casting a plug or fly into a school of feeding Tarpon is just the start of one of the greatest experiences an angler can have. Perhaps no other fish will take a lure so softly and then explode into wild, acrobatic leaps to throw the lure.  Casting a plug or fly into a school of feeding Tarpon is just the start of one of the greatest experiences an angler can have. Perhaps no other fish will take a lure so softly and then explode into wild, acrobatic leaps to throw the lure.



Snook Fishing In Costa Rica Is World Class
are one of the most welcomed bites in Costa Rica due to their delicious white meat. They are found literally all over Costa Rica – from the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific Coast to the inland rivers and lagoons. They are typically found near shore, in brackish estuaries, or even in fresh water rivers depending on the time of year. Snook are hard fighters, and like tarpon will do violent head shakes, but they are most often coveted for their meat than their fighting ability.

The Parismina River is the site of four world-record Snook. Casting into the surf at the mouth of the Parismina River, you might spot Tarpon rolling or catch glimpses of giant Snook as they frantically chase after baitfish.

Not only will you find a shot at world- class Tarpon and Snook action, but also offered is the option of fishing a few miles offshore. Here you may catch Snapper, Wahoo, Jack Crevalle, King Mackerel and Tuna.

If you enjoy fresh water fishing you can fish for rainbow bass (Guapote) on Lake Arenal in front of the iconic Arenal Volcano.


Last but certainly not least, if you fly fish you’ll love the diversity Costa Rica offers with the ability to cast flies to tarpon on the Caribbean Coast, fresh water species in Lake Arenal, do a river float trip down one of our jungle rivers, or go offshore in hopes of landing a billfish.

Lake Arenal is next to the *active Arenal Volcano, one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations. The Lake Arenal and La Fortuna area is a convenient hub for many adventure tours, and features hot springs, zip lines, kayaking, white-water rafting, and other exciting excursions.

Lake Arenal —
Home of the World-Famous Guapote

Fishing Lake Arenal is an experience of a lifetime for the serious angler or novice. Lake Arenal is world-famous for a spectacular fish called the rainbow bass, or guapote, in Spanish. Lake Arenal also has another hard-fighting fish called machaca, which looks like a pirhana on steroids with its rows of razor sharp teeth.

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