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Diving the Pacific waters in the Gulf of Papagayo is anything but your “average” diving. There is an enormous amount of fish activity to be found among the volcanic rock islets and undersea pinnacles off this coastline. Familiar Caribbean fish species mingle with Pacific Coast and Tropical Pacific varieties unique to the area. The cooler nutrient-rich waters attract enormous schools of fish. Big animal encounters with large pelagics – giant Manta Rays, Eagle Rays and Bull Rays, several species of Sharks and Turtles and Whale Sharks are considered routine.


Anyone who been diving in these waters would agree that the immense quantity of marine life more than outweighs the lower visibility encountered in the area, which is known for unpredictable currents and upwelling that can cause a five degrees shift in temperature in a matter of feet, as well as the ever-fascinating thermoclines on the deeper dives. In addition to more local dive sites, day trips to the Catalina and Bat Islands offer divers some extra-ordinary adventures. This is exciting diving. No matter your degree of diving proficiency when you arrive, it will be better when you leave.


The Catalina Islands are a rocky outcrop off the coastline where from November through May of most years, Manta Rays swarm to “primp” at cleaning stations in preparation for mating season. Joining them are any number of Stingrays, Barracuda, Whitetip and  6 to 7 foot Bull Sharks and a wide variety of Moray Eels. And that is just the big stuff! The islands are also home to a variety of schooling tropical Pacific and Caribbean reef fish. The average dive is 60 to 80 feet and visibility is usually 50 to 70 feet. Our fast boats make the run to Cats in 15 to 20 minutes.


The  Bat Islands (Islas Murciélagos) is the most exciting place for advanced divers in mainland Costa Rica. One of the highlights are the face to face encounters with massive bull-sharks over 12 feet in length . Located around 30 miles north-west from Playa Ocotal, at the most outward west-tip of the Santa Rosa National Park. We dive Bat Islands year around.  With our boats it is 40 minutes to get there. These dive sites are advanced due to surge, stronger currents and rougher surface conditions. The Bat Islands are non anchored and deep dives. Divers need to be able to make a quick descent and make the safety stop without a line.  Maximum depths varies from site to site ranging from 60 ft to 105 ft.. Average  visibility is 40 to 60 feet. All of our dive guides are computerized to maximize your bottom time.

If you are ready for the thrill and adrenaline rush of some of the hottest diving in Central America, and are searching for new pathways into the world of underwater adventure, you owe it to yourself to dive Costa Rica with Bill Beard’s

Sublimely beautiful Costa Rica has something for everyone. The treats range from exciting adventure to leisurely relaxation, and everything in between that we can add to your diving package. Furthermore, Bat Island Express for a fst gul crossingtourists can sample the laid-back national lifestyle that ticos (the name the Costa Ricans call themselves) refer to as ‘Pura Vida’ – ‘pure life’: no stress, no hassle. All this, combined with unsurpassed natural beauty and a developed and accommodating tourist industry, makes Costa Rica a wonderful place to visit and vacation.
Our agents can set up the all inclusive or al a carte vacation package and itinerary you want throughout the country. There is no charge for our service and we’ll save you money and lots of time and you’ll get the vacation you want.

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