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Beautiful terrain in Costa Rica with Bill Beard'sAdventure In Costa Rica: Pick your level of exertion, low, medium or extreme, we have it all in Costa Rica! Costa Rica is a natural beauty: its coastline looks out on to two oceans with over 1250 miles of beaches which 780 miles are on the Pacific Ocean and between these oceans are 32 national parks, over 60 volcanoes, 15 wildlife refuges and hundreds of protected reserves but don’t let all this information overwhelm you, Bill Beard’s experts are here to help you get the vacation you have always dreamed about with no down time and the lowest possible price. However we will travel at your pace, just tell us what it is. Our office is in La Fortuna, Costa Rica and we are open 7 days a week with and you have our contact number for off hours 24 hours a day.

For a small country – it’s about the same size as West Virginia– Costa Rica crams in extraordinary biodiversity. Bill Beard’s packages and tours are ideal for first-time visitors who want to sample the country’s highlights without any fuss, taking in the Manuel Antonio National Park, which boasts gorgeous beaches as well as protected forests – home to sloths, pelicans, white-faced monkeys and anteaters – the dreamily beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest, and the Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, one of Costa Rica’s most picturesque. We can add easy hikes en route, a boat ride, and extra excursions including white water rafting, zip lining, waterfall rappelling, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, horse back riding. and MUCH MORE.

Ponderosa wild animal park in Liberia Costa Rica with Bill Beard's

Costa Rica is a country of adventure. A tour of Costa Rica offers a breathtaking array of sights and adventures with lush rain forests, pristine beaches, and a plethora of wildlife like sea turtles and howler monkeys. Your Costa Rica vacation might include adventures like whitewater rafting, a rainforest tree top canopy tour zip line, relaxing at the beach, or exploring the rainforest from one of Costa Rica’s ecolodges. Vacation hotspots include Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuguero, Monteverde and Arenal Volcano. Costa Rica has a long, proud history of ecotourism and adventure travel, with one of the most developed conservation programs in the Americas and friendly Costa Ricans, “Ticos”, who enthusiastically invite travelers to experience Pura Vida!

The best 6 areas in the country for adventure that are easy to enjoy when you have limited vacation time.
1. Arenal
Arenal Volcano, rain forest and hot springs in Costa RocaAt 5,437 feet, the Arenal Volcano looms large and ominous over the pastured green hillsides that surround its base. Although currently in a resting phase, Arenal remained the country’s most active volcano for the past 43 years. Its storied history is charged with eruptions – both major and minor – that have intimately affected the region and the people who live here. Formed some 7,000 years ago from the adjacent (and now extinct) Chato Volcano, Arenal’s most recent eruptive period began in 1968. Up until July 2010, the eruptions had been constant, though much less severe—there were effusions of smoke and lava on an almost daily basis.

2. Guanacaste
Flamingo Beach Resort Costa Rica

Guanacaste, a province in northwestern Costa Rica bordering the Pacific, is known for its beaches and biodiverse parkland. Its Santa Rosa National Park is home to rare dry tropical forest, surfing sites and some 250 bird species. Guanacaste’s endless beaches include Playa Blanca, with its calm waters, and Playa Hermosa, popular for diving and water sports. Papagayo Peninsula hosts luxury resorts and golf courses. The best mainland scuba diving is in this area of Gulf of Papagayo, Catalina & Bat Islands and Bill Beard’s has daily dive trips and instruction. There are numerous half and full day adventure tours in this area. Sunset sailing cruise is very popular: LEARN MORE

3. Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica with Bill Beard's

Manuel Antonio National Park, on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, encompasses rugged rainforest, white-sand beaches and coral reefs. It’s renowned for its vast diversity of tropical plants and wildlife, from three-toed sloths and endangered white-faced capuchin monkeys to hundreds of bird species. The park’s roughly 680 hectares are crossed with hiking trails, which meander from the coast up into the mountains. This is the smallest and probably the most popular national park in Costa Rica. Be sure to go with a guided group to make sure you don’t miss any of the many species of animals and birds in the park. This area has great kayaking and horseback riding tours. LEARN MORE


4. Monteverde

Villa Blance Costa Rica

Monteverde is a town in mountainous northwestern Costa Rica. It’s renowned for its biodiverse forests in the clouds. The famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve shelters countless wildlife species, including jaguars, ocelots and the colorfully plumed resplendent Quetzal . The reserve’s marked trails cut through ferns and orchids, and way overhead, suspended bridges allow walks above the forest canopy. This is a wonderful experience with nature. There are countless animals, hummingbirds, Quetzal and many other exotic and beautiful birds. Be sure to visit with some of the Quaker residents when you have the opportunity to learn about their history and culture. This area is a breathtaking experience: LEARN MORE


5. Osa Peninsula
Drake Bay at Aquila de Osa Costa Rica

The pristine rainforests and the rugged natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula make this region among the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica. Declared ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’ by the National Geographic Magazine, the Osa Peninsula along with Drake Bay have today, become the premier eco-tourism destination in the county. With numerous luxury lodges, in the Osa Peninsula & Drake Bay, that cater to your every whim, accommodations in this region offer tourists everything from the knowledgeable guides for hiking the rainforest, to whale and dolphin watching tours, to simply lying on the beach and relaxing in the sun. There are also a number of lovely affordable lodges here that cater to those travelers who are on a strict budget. And with plenty of both pricey and affordable adventure tours to choose from, this area lets you experience a completely different lifestyle from the rest of the country. This a rare lifetime opportunity to see nature undisturbed. LEARN MORE

The southern most peninsula in Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula is a secluded nature wonderland, playing home to many of the country’s rare and endangered animal and bird species including the puma, jaguar, Harpy Eagle and Scarlet Macaw. With a large chunk of the peninsula forming the Corcovado National Park, this area has the single largest expanse of a lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and is one of the tallest rainforests in the world. If you do wish to explore this park, using a tour guide is your best bet to see everything. A guide will not only keep you from getting lost, but can also educate you on this incredible habitat.

6. Tortuguero
This is one of the few Costa Rican National Parks where walking quietly isn’t necessarily the best way to see things.  The marked trail along the beach is used mostly for observing turtle nesting, but the best way to see most of the park is from a boat.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get a workout while nature watching; there are plenty of places to rent canoes and kayaks (cayucas or botes).The area protected by Tortuguero (turtle catcher) National Park was an archipelago of volcanic islands until alluvial sediments from the interior mountains filled in the spaces and formed a network of marshy islands. Sand piled up where the river deposited land met the sea, and the turtle nesting beaches of Tortuguero formed. The exceptionally high rainfall, and rich environment where the freshwater meets the sea makes the beaches, canals, lagoons and wetlands of Tortuguero areas of exceptional biodiversity and opportunity for nature lovers. LEARN MORE

The Sea Turtles of Tortuguero
Green sea turtly Tortuguero, Costa Rica with Bill Beard'sThe main attraction of Tortuguero National Park is the turtles.  Green Sea Turtles (tortuga Verde, Chelonia mydas mydas ), leatherback (tortuga Baula, Dermochelys coriacea), and Hawksbill (tortuga Carey, Eretmochelys imbricata) turtles nest on the beaches here.  Green Sea Turtles neared extinction due to hunting of the adults for meat (they are easy prey when they mass to nest) for turtle soup, and poaching of eggs for their supposed aphrodisiac qualities.

We recommend planning a customized itinerary to multiple regions of Costa Rica.  Typically, we feature at least one or two hotels in the rain or cloud forest and one on the beach.  The choice of regions depends on you family’s interests, time of year and length of stay. The choice of hotels is based on preferences and budget

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Learn to surf in Costa Rica with Bill Beard'sSublimely beautiful Costa Rica has something for everyone. The treats range from exciting adventure to leisurely relaxation, and everything in between that we can add to your diving package. Furthermore, tourists can sample the laid-back national lifestyle that ticos (the name the Costa Ricans call themselves) refer to as ‘Pura Vida’ – ‘pure life’: no stress, no hassle. All this, combined with unsurpassed natural beauty and a developed and accommodating tourist industry, makes Costa Rica a wonderful place to visit and vacation.
Our agents can set up the all inclusive or al a carte vacation package and itinerary you want throughout the country. Here are more adventures that one may learn “how to” in Costa Rica. LEARN MORE
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