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Climb a volcano, go bird watching, learn to surf, go scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing or just sit back and relax at beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. If this all sounds to tame for you then think about whitewater river rafting, canyoning & waterfall rappelling, white water tubing, horseback riding, ATV’s, zip lining and much more available with Bill Beard’s adventure tours: LEARN MORE

Costa Rica enjoys a staggering diversity of ecosystems, some of the world’s best beaches, and good weather year-round. It has coastlines on two major oceans, active volcanoes and five different types of forest. It has been a hot spot for eco- and adventure tourism for decades.

Costa Rica is in Central America, sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama, but has managed to escape much of the political turmoil of the region. It has a strong environmental track record with nearly 25 percent of the country set aside as national parks or conservation areas.

Tourist Enjoy Poas Volcano In Costa RicaHike up an active volcano, find pristine lagoons, and see all kinds of exotic flora and fauna. Adventurers can go mountain bike riding, zip-lining, and white water rafting. Nature lovers will feel right at home in Costa Rica, with several distinct topographical regions and highly varied weather patterns yielding a biodiversity found in few other places on the planet.

Visit many different types of forest, including cloud forests, which have frequent low-level cloud cover, and rain forests, known for high rainfall and moist vegetation. Spot monkeys, sloths and any of the several hundred species of birds and reptiles that live in the area.

Hit the beach to relax in the sun or go for a surf. You’ll find a laid-back atmosphere in Guanacaste, fine-dining restaurants at Tamarindo, and oceanfront night clubs, bars and restaurants in Jaco and Dominical. San José, the capital city, is more developed and urban. Surfers should paddle out into the waters of the Central Pacific Coast and Guanacaste. Take a trip over to the country’s Caribbean side to find secluded and seemingly untouched beaches. You’ll see where the forest meets the sand and get the chance to see all kinds of animals.

World famous river rafting in Costa Rica

The name Costa Rica translates as Rich Coast. As one of the greenest, safest and most-relaxed destinations in Central America, it lives up to its name according to Laura Gibble who wanted a family vacation in the Aloha State, but couldn’t get her airline points to jibe with the trip. So she “settled’’ on Costa Rica, where the average temperature in San Jose is between 68 and 72 degrees and on the beaches between 75 and 92 degrees.

The sun shines throughout the year (about 12 hours of sunshine a day) and there really is no winter.

Gibble, of Lititz, flew direct from Newark, N.J., to San Jose, Costa Rica, with her husband, Scott, and daughters Melissa, 13, and Michelle, 11, for their March 4 – 11th vacation.

Costa Rica is a very trendy area right now and a shorter trip — 5½ hours away — than Hawaii, Laura said. The airline points paid for two of her four flights. She paid about $400 a seat round trip for the remaining two tickets.

She wanted surfing and adventure and got both in Costa Rica.

Zip Line Canopy Tour Costa Rica

Other activities included going on a zip line in a rain forest at Canopy Safari. Michelle was first in line.

There is a nice walk to the get to the zip line, providing a scenic view. They saw pineapple and vanilla plants, just like they would in Hawaii.

Jose from Bill Beard’s drove her family to the location and helped hook them in. They felt safe, and that’s important.

Laura said people in Costa Rica are very nice. She felt as if many of the locals were her friends by the end of the trip. “Being with the people and feeling like they are your friends makes it more enjoyable,” she said.

They also went river rafting in Quepos, booked by Bill Beard’s. Laura and her family had fun and felt safe. The guide put them at ease. The water was not too dangerous and was at a safe level.
“I researched to make sure they had a good record,” she said. “And they had the best pineapple on snack break.”

They were provided a meal after rafting, which consisted of chicken or fish, rice, beans and salsa. Watermelon and pineapple were the desserts.

The girls also wanted to go surfing. Laura found the tiny town of Tamarindo and Bill Beard’s arranged a private instructor for about two hours of lessons. It cost $65 per person, which she felt was reasonable for the private instruction. You are guaranteed to stand up and ride after one class.

Learn To Surf In Costa Rica With Bill Beard's

They also visited Manuel Antonio National Park. She said it was beautiful.

You can walk by yourself or hire a guide who comes along with a high-powered spotting telescope. “We were amazed at what he pointed out,’’ she said.

The guide showed them a termite nest. “We all ate termites,’’ Laura said. “They taste like peanut butter.”

Monkeys and three-toed sloths were highlights of the walk.

If you can’t decide between beach or mountain, not to worry, we can arrange a few nights in each with transportation in-between. Here is a list of tours Bill Beard’s operates from these beach resorts. GO HERE – This is the list of tours from the mountain resorts: GO HERE

Sublimely beautiful Costa Rica has something for everyone. The treats range from exciting adventure to leisurely relaxation, and everything in between that we can add to your vacation package. Furthermore, tourists can sample the laid-back national lifestyle that ticos (theCosta Rica scuba diving name the Costa Ricans call themselves) refer to as ‘Pura Vida’ – ‘pure life’: no stress, no hassle. All this, combined with unsurpassed natural beauty and a developed and accommodating tourist industry, makes Costa Rica a wonderful place to visit and vacation.
Our agents can set up the all inclusive or al a carte vacation package and itinerary you want throughout the country. There is no charge for our service and we’ll save you money and lots of time and you’ll get the vacation you want.

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